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  Program Overview  

Candidate Selection

Our goal is to form CEOconnex classes that will prepare participants to become the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.  Participants are selected based on their potential for growth, compatibility as a class, and a demonstrated commitment to staying in the Capital Region.    

Up to six CEOs are selected to participate in the CEOconnex program each year.  There is a rolling admission process. Visit the "Apply Today" page to complete the application form. 

CEOconnex is a eight month program that will meet on the second Wednesday of each month.  

Kick– Off

The kick off is an introduction to the progam, guides, and classmates. There will also be an extensive overview including tools of the six topics- advisory board, strategic planning/operations, human relations, finance, sales, and marketing.

This kick-off session serves as an enjoyable ice-breaker and sets the stage and direction for the program.


Performance Oriented Discussions (PODs)


Each class will participate in six PODs where you will discuss specific areas of your business, identify issues, work on alternative solutions and learn from each other’s experience in an open and confidential format. 

PODs are orchestrated by CEOconnex Guides. These individuals come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and can help connect you with leaders in the business community.

The POD's may also feature other relevant business experts, who will provide tools and techniques for your ongoing use.



CEOconnex culminates in a capstone event that will challenge you to put your new knowledge, insights and relationships to work by setting new goals and gearing up for new experiences.   We’ll bring together some special guests who will inspire you to reach new heights as you move your business forward and bring it to the next level. This will be your time to review, reflect and recharge.