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  Program Overview  

CEOConnex began as an initiative of TechConnex, a program of the Center for Economic Growth that is dedicated to the development and growth of the Region's information technology community, in an attempt to connect IT CEOs with established regional business leaders to prepare them for future growth.  

As our Region advances as a thriving center of technology, with significant investments and economic activity occurring across the breadth of key technology sectors, the Center for Economic Growth has expanded the scope of all major programs to promote collaboration and convergence opportunities for organizations and individuals from across the full spectrum of our technology economy. 

In this spirit, CEOConnex has evolved from an IT-focused initiative, to a broader program that solicits qualified candidates from technology organizations, technical service provider organizations, and manufacturing organizations that utilize critical technology applications.

We welcome all up and coming regional CEOs who are dedicated to the evolution of Tech Valley to apply for the program and look forward to working with these individuals to build a better tomorrow.